Buy This Not That (Triggers)

Introducing a new category of post (Scheduled for Friday’s) similar to the Eat This not That books, a famous series of books for eating right. I’m not joking when I tell you I’m going by those books. (The proof is in my waistline) But enough of that, this is not about food for the body but this is all about food for the hobby!

If you were thinking of buying a pair of cheap triggers look for the triggers that have preferably AAA batteries as the power-source for the receiver instead of the expensive CR2. The transmitter (right) on your camera will probably have a CR2 as the source but that is not a big problem as they do not have to be switched off. A receiver (left) when switched on uses power just by waiting for the trigger signal while the transmitter is only in use sending the short trigger signal.


About $25 on (search for flash trigger). A compact and cheap model that uses AAA batteries in the receiver. It has flimsy battery cover but works like a charm over a distance of about 30 feet.

Even better performance: youngnuo-rf-602-triggers


Although they work the same (and are about the same cost) as the ones shown on top, the construction will fail as soon you attach a flash on top of the bracket, the flash tends to fall down and the little screw cannot be fastened enough to prevent that. It also raises the flash up more then the top one.

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