What memory card should I buy?

The average amount of megapixles of our high end camera’s is between 12 and 21 megapixels. (I know this chart goes up to 14 megapixels) There are reports that some Nikon camera’s have trouble with 16GB and 32GB cards.

Now what card should you buy? There are some valid reasons to buy a 8 GB card as your biggest card. The fist one is the price, they are getting cheaper now and even more important is the fact that you will loose not as much photo’s if your card get’s damaged if it is a smaller card.

On a regular 2 hour shoot I shoot about 1000 images on my 8GB card with my 18 megeapixel camera. That is a lot of images! So it makes sense to not buy a bigger one.

Pay special attention to the speed of your card if you want to rapid fire your camera (Sports, flight shows) or shoot video so the data is written faster to your card.  I would choose a 60MB/sec or 400x  For daily shoots I use the cheaper 30MB/sec or 200x.



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